Jim Matlosz

Director of Photography

Jim Matlosz has been working as a cameraman for almost 20 years. A well-rounded and experienced cinematographer, he’s shot just about every format imaginable, from HD and film to IMAX. Jim’s photographed everything from shorts, features, commercials, and documentaries to visual FX and experimental pieces.
Jim has a great understanding of composition, movement and style, tempered with a relaxed and confidant approach. He also excels at the art of high speed photography. Whether it be a water droplet, an athlete, or a spaceship; his impeccable sense of detail and versatility brings out the best in every project. Several of his projects have gone on to Sundance. Some of his credits include Oedipus, Being Frank, Judge Dredd, Better Living Through Circuitry, and Who Killed the Electric Car.
Jim currently resides in Los Angeles.

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