Bill Hawk

Special Effects Supervisor/ Production Designer

Bill is a native Northern Californian whose long-running interest in filmmaking began with various amateur efforts shot on Super-8 equipment. A more concrete association with the movie business formed during a long stint as a projectionist in various movie theatres, and an eventual move to Los Angeles steered him into the fringes of “The Business.” He was able to translate his interest in props, miniatures and special effects into paying work, not just in the filmic area but for the aerospace and toy industries as well.
Bill’s film and television work includes Stargate, Broken Arrow, Toys, Coneheads, Automatic, Starship Troopers, Men Of Honor, Blow, Minority Report, The Sum Of All Fears, The Sixth Day, Van Helsing, Babylon 5, From The Earth To The Moon, Trapped In Space, Return Of The Living Dead III, Leprechaun 4: In Space, Ground Control, Solaris, Star Trek: Generations, Firefly, Starforce, and Without A Trace.

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